We had made reservations 2 months in advance to eat at a 5-star, much sought after restaurant in California while on vacation. We arrived at the restaurant to a warm greeting by the hosting. While the food was fantastic, the service was horrible.  We had to flag down our waiter to take our order, to remove the finished appetizers, to request drinks, and to finally ask for the bill after it was clear we would not be asked if we wanted dessert.  The anticipation of eating at a great restaurant was ruined by bad service.  While the manager tried desperately to give the restaurant another chance, the damage was done. 

This experience made me think about the similarities with the real estate business. Some agents will get a listing and forget about their client. Don't fall into that trap! Lack of attention will damage your brand and ruin a business. I have never heard someone complain that they were given too much attention.  Make your clients a priority throughout the entire home buying and selling process.